Relocation Claims

Relocation Claims

Household Goods & Relocation Claims

We handle in excess of 4,000 relocation claims every year and we have a proven track record in risk mitigation and direct reduction in claims exposure on relocation accounts. On average we have reduced relocation claim payments by 27% from the initial claim amount to the final settlement. This is a direct cost saving when utilising our services and allows us to provide both a high-level claims service and cost reduction at the same time.

Technology for Relocation Claims

Our ClaimsConsole® technology provides an internet-based solution for relocation claims management, allowing clients to monitor the status of their accounts at any time. New claims can be registered 24/7 via a dedicated Claimant Portal, uniquely designed for each client.

Specialist Handling

The management of relocation claims requires an approach different from traditional marine cargo claims. The goods involved are an individual’s pride and joy and seeing them damaged or lost is an emotive, as well as a financial issue. The individuals concerned are not aware of how to formulate a claim, which local suppliers provide replacement or repair and how to ensure that a third party which is responsible for the damage is held responsible. Even some professional removal companies encounter this situation rarely and do not know how to respond. We have considerable experience in this type of claim and will ensure that the local repair company we utilise is sensitive to the particular needs of the client. We have built up a worldwide network of repairers, restorers and valuation experts which will assist in resolving your clients problem and assembling a reliable claims document.

Individual Solutions

We will build a claims solution for each account, allowing us to deliver a truly personalised service for your clients. This will include deductible management and recovery, if this is part of your overall program structure. Our claims technology will also provide a customised solution that can be branded for your own operation or retain our branding for a standalone product.

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